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VU 20.3 |The Last of the Safians

Nara arrived on the planet expecting to see the sultanate restored to its former magnificence, instead what she witnessed was a desolate and foreboding place. The great structures built by her ancestors remained yet stood empty. As empty as she felt at that moment, knowing that it had all been for naught.

She was not expecting her secret fantasies to materialise and be welcomed by her namesake and greatest of all Safians. She had however, hoped to at least find what it was that she had long since lost. A family.

The realisation that Toulan was barren hit Nara hard, the last of her kin had protected her and secreted her away with a single purpose. It had taken her a long time to find their ancestral home as all records had been destroyed to protect the Insians from a great evil. An evil greater than the Narians, a dark force that couldn’t be ignored and caused the Safians to trade one moon for another, leaving behind the safety and power of Nawa Energy.

An evil that led to the demise of the Safian race as Nara was about to realise.

The last of the Safians was not ready. At the same age the daughters of Sinmar were leaders but Nara had led a more sheltered life. Folk tales and bedtime stories were no preparation for what lay ahead. In those parables the descendants of Sinmar were busy ensuring the future of the Insians and preparing their defence. The truth appeared to be quite different.

Nara wondered what had become of the Insians. She reached out through the void that connected all Safians and felt alone. Then a sense of familiarity coursed through her veins and hope returned. It was not quite Safian but something else. A new feeling, or rather a force that she was able to direct and channel. She was drawn to the Moon and felt the Nawa leave her body and travel toward what she somehow knew to be the Lotus Temple.

So it was that the machine, created by the Safians, came to life and the Insians were once more created.


With the arrival of Nara and the return of the Insian colonisers the rebuilding of the Toulan economy has begun. Using local resources master tailors have created a large range of garments waiting to be discovered.

  • A new Toulan Tailoring Blueprint Book is available from technicians.
  • A selection of unlimited and limited tailoring BPs are waiting to be discovered.


After feedback from the community and some investigation we have made adjustments to the Karmoosh Aleef Lab Instances.

Karmoosh Aleef Lab Instance

  • A Solo instance is available for holders of the untradeable item “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key – Solo”
  • The entrance to the instance is at Lab 3 at Fauna and Flora Center
  • The Lab Key entitles the holder to one entry to the instance
  • Each instance has a 3 hour timer
  • Only one Karmoosh Aleef Pet will spawn at a time
  • If the pet is accidentally killed another will spawn in its place
  • You can only tame one ‘Karmoosh Aleef Pet’ during the instance
  • The instance will be available until the end of the year to give players time to skill in the taming profession if needed for this rare pet

Distribution of the Keys

  • Keys will be placed in the inventory of players who have the Karmoosh Lateef Pet
  • Keys will be distributed to Team Leaders and Team Members who entered the Karmoosh Team Instance
  • Keys will be distributed to players who entered the Karmoosh Solo Instance
  • The Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key item in the player’s inventory will be replaced with the “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key – Solo”

Taming the Karmoosh Aleef

The Karmoosh Aleef pet is a rare pet with an at present unique combination of passive effects:

  • Skill Gain Pet & Taming 10%
  • Decrease Critical Damage 3%
  • Auto Loot 45 Meters

We wanted players who experienced the previous instances or owners of the “Karmoosh Lateef Pet” to have the chance to tame the new pet but it is a rare and high level pet. It is recommended that players with very little experience of taming skill up and perhaps take advice from more experienced tamers as this is designed to be a one chance instance. Use it wisely!

Information Desk

An information desk has been added by the citadel to share information with new players and visitors to Planet Toulan.


  • Fixed an issue with texture causing client crashes when texture settings were set to low
  • Lighting adjusted at the Nahar reactor due to graphical issues at night time
  • Instances now use correct amount of Nawa Energy Cores
  • Fauna & Flora Atrox Old to Provider now working correctly
  • Added waypoint to protect the coop mission for Jabaly’s position
  • Updated the Ibreh & Zir Button BP Texture to tailoring BP
  • Renamed “Wroten TabTab Tooth” to “Rotten TabTab Tooth”
  • Renamed “Wroten Caboria Clam” to “Rotten Caboria Clam”

Known Issues

  • The Information Desk will be activated in a patch
  • Players graduating on Toulan are not receiving the Toulan Graduation Armour, this is currently under investigation.

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