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VU 23.3.1 | Patch

Adjustments to Creature Spawns on ToulanThe TWEN Token Trader on Toulan is now clothedSpelling Fixes in Item DescriptionsIssues with CODEX Meta not counting for Mountain of Madness Mobs on DSEC9 resolved.


VU 23.3 | The Sound of DSEC

DSEC9MUSIC OVERHAUL Nobion has been working overtime overhauling the audio experience on DSEC9. We are delighted and thankful for the wonderful job he has done. In his own words:“Hello Entropians,I’ve had the pleasure of providing the music for DSEC which has been running since June 2021. While I managed to make a fair number of […]


VU 23.2.1 | Patch

Fixed Spelling issues in Mission dialoguesAdded Contribution to Pyramid of Shut’thend Dynamic Event at Stage 4 (Inside Pyramid)Resolved issue with Tegunestene Spine being received during Pyramid of Shut’thend Dynamic EventCthylla Bone description updatedLow Level Wahesh Spawn adjusted on ToulanUpdated Textile School Mission Description to accurately reflect the rewardGeneral Spelling Fixes


VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

Trutlo had joined the Cult at the bequest of the Elder Gods who had interpreted the carvings on the Pyramid of Shut’thend. His mission was one of reconnaissance to lift the veil behind Decca’s plans with the Secret Daughter of Cthulhu and unearth the meaning behind the ultimate sacrifice. The teachings of Decca talk to […]


VU 23.1.1 | Patch

Fixed Grammar and TyposUpdated Spawn at Narian TempleFixed issue with Corbite Task at Narian TempleAdded some discoveriesTerrain and building adjustments at Larches GreenFixed Icon on mission reward description for Crafting Weekly

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