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VU 21.2.1 | Patch

Today there was a Patch to the 21.2 release with the following fixes/adjustments: DSEC-9 Fixed laptop 3 and Laptop 4 upgrade missionsReduced the wave cool down to 15 minsMoved the access card and laptops from the Materials tabUpdated Mission DialogueCorrected the Description for the Adjusted Gloves upgrade so it displays correct armor partRemoved Fallen Dog […]


VU 21.2 | The Abandoned Mine

The Abandoned Mine Trip Kaminsky, a top DSEC scientist, was surprised when the Teleporter in the abandoned mine became active. Very few people knew of its existence and even less were aware of the secret project initiated by DSEC (Deep Space Extraction Corporation) to expand their influence beyond Monria. The strange occurrences over the years […]


Monria VU 5.2 – The Dunwich Horror has arrived

During our St Patricks Event The Dunwich Horror appeared on Monria to defend the evil mobs that were being slaughtered during our weekend chaos. This foul creature continues to spawn when most needed. The Monria team has installed an alert system to warn its citizens….. The Dunwich Horror A new high health Boss Mob now […]


Monria VU 5.1 – St Patrick’s Horror – Bug Fixes

Hey guys The re-spawn points in the tunnel waves should now be resolved and players should now re-spawn where intended if you die during the wave events. That’s all folks Ant


Monria VU 5.0 – St Patrick’s Horror

It feels like I have journeyed a thousand years through these foreboding cavernsMy thoughts are stolen, twisted and returned to me blinded by the dreamlike music***It appears as a distraction and then I fade into my nightmares driven by the madness of constant whispersI forget who I am but my soul longs to revive from […]

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