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Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.2

New Content:

. Vehicles are now fully operational anywhere on Toulan, due to recent readings showing reduced Nawa radiation across the planet.

. A new Commercial & Residential structure is being built at Nahar City, more details coming soon.

Patch not correctly applied


. Exchanging Sabikah into Mirsal Tokens at Mirsal Exchanger NPC in Nahar City Center, now has a cool down in between exchanges, for one hour that is counted whether the player is logged in or not.

. NPC Maher [133960, 95103] who provides Qaydar/Baydar/Shamsdar Full Cards, is now trading them for the correct value of Mirsal Tokens for each.

. Fixed the errors appearing when trading Card Parts for Universal Ammo with NPC Salhoob [133960, 95103]

Known Issues With Fix Priority:

. Karmoosh Lateef Pet, buff is still pending but scheduled to be addressed in an upcoming patch.

. Loot mobs parts adjustments as well as mining resources found are still being addressed at an ongoing pace.

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