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VU 21.4.1 | PATCH

Today there was a Patch to the 21.4 release with the following fixes/adjustments: Fixed issue with new vehicle not working on ToulanAdjusted Khaffash spawning behavior at the templeAdd Turret to and widen event areaAdd more discoveries to Item descriptionsQuest Dialogue typosFix Missing Mission Terminal at outpostsFix Hitbox on Lotus InvadersTweak attack behavior of Lotus InvadersFix […]



As Synial approached the secluded tent he sensed that his great quest was nearing its end. His months of toil were near completion and so was his quest. A quest of faith, a quest that took him to distant lands and challenged both his intellect and physical prowess. Synial handed over the broken crown retrieved […]


VU 21.3.1 | Patch

Today there was a Patch to the 21.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments: The CUHOF instances can no longer be accessed via Yasmina and must now be entered via the dungeon gates in front of the appropriate doors.Updated text for Mirsal Hunting Dailies so people are aware they need Nawacore MK3Fixed issue with Mirsal Crafting […]


VU 21.3 | Guardians of the Temple

DISTURBANCE The Queen sat in the Lotus Position, alone in the center of the Narian Temple, distant screams were barely a distraction as she quietened her mind and fell into a transcendental state. Waves of creatures seemed to bounce off the walls as her loyal guardians gave their life for hers. Nara was resolute and […]


VU 21.2.1 | Patch

Today there was a Patch to the 21.2 release with the following fixes/adjustments: DSEC-9 Fixed laptop 3 and Laptop 4 upgrade missionsReduced the wave cool down to 15 minsMoved the access card and laptops from the Materials tabUpdated Mission DialogueCorrected the Description for the Adjusted Gloves upgrade so it displays correct armor partRemoved Fallen Dog […]

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