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VU 20.3.1 |Some fixes and adjustments

Today there was a Patch to the 20.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments Graphical fixes to the Kurti Dresses including the addition of a necktieGraphical updates to a range of garmentsBPs for items needing graphical updates released and available to be lootedZir and Habkeh BP visual updated to reflect that they are tailoring bpsFixes for […]


VU 20.3 |The Last of the Safians

Nara arrived on the planet expecting to see the sultanate restored to its former magnificence, instead what she witnessed was a desolate and foreboding place. The great structures built by her ancestors remained yet stood empty. As empty as she felt at that moment, knowing that it had all been for naught. She was not […]


Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

New Taming Content Introducing Toulan’s new tamble creature “Karmoosh Aleef” with the following unlockable passive buffs Skill Gain Pet & Taming 10%Decrease Critical Damage 3%Auto Loot 45 MetersThe Guardian Village Stable, previous placeholder model have now been updated into a new Stable building model. New Shack/Hut and a Booth added for the Stable owner. Toulan […]


Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.1.1

Toulan Fauna & Flora Center The Lab buildings have been better arranged & optimized and now have a total of 16 Creatures.There are two Labs available, Lab1 & Lab3 with 2 floors each.Each Lab has 8 Mob Rooms (4 on each floor).Access For Solo access, please speak with the NPC Agent of that MobFor Team […]


Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.1

New Content : . New Toulan Fauna & Flora Center Introducing the new Toulan Fauna & Flora Center, located on an island in the North Sea.Where Nahar scientists are conducting research on creatures from both Toulan and from around the universe. The Lab buildings contains access for the Mobs, currently there are 3 Lab buildings […]

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