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VU 21.2.1 | Patch

Today there was a Patch to the 21.2 release with the following fixes/adjustments: DSEC-9 Fixed laptop 3 and Laptop 4 upgrade missionsReduced the wave cool down to 15 minsMoved the access card and laptops from the Materials tabUpdated Mission DialogueCorrected the Description for the Adjusted Gloves upgrade so it displays correct armor partRemoved Fallen Dog […]


VU 21.2 | The Abandoned Mine

The Abandoned Mine Trip Kaminsky, a top DSEC scientist, was surprised when the Teleporter in the abandoned mine became active. Very few people knew of its existence and even less were aware of the secret project initiated by DSEC (Deep Space Extraction Corporation) to expand their influence beyond Monria. The strange occurrences over the years […]


VU 21.1.1 | Patch

Today there was a Patch to the 21.1 release with the following fixes/adjustments A Dialogue Mission has been added for the festive gifts from 2020. Speak to Thana by the Info Booth in Citadel to receive your gifts once it is activated. Sorry for the delay.Crafting daily mission updated to add limited jelly texture bp […]


VU 21.1 | Nadira Wants an Apprentice

Nadira wants an Apprentice A new crafting mission has been added, speak to Nadira at Guardian Village to find out more. Festive Gifts! The issue with the Christmas gifts should be resolved and you can collect them by visiting Planet Toulan during March. St Patrick’s Day Gifts This year’s St Patrick’s Day gifts will be […]


VU 20.4.1 |Some fixes and adjustments

Today there was a Patch to the 20.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments Overall mining award added to Mining Awards missionAdjusted Woolly Beanie HatsAdjusted Salem NPC so doesn’t glow at nightShamon Dress Texture adjustedSindibad Pants (M) Blueprint (L) name added (C)NPE mission fix for Monria Borns Toulan Blueprint Book added back to technicianHigh Level Wahesh […]

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