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About Virtualsense

Virtualsense was set up on the 12th of February 2009 as a holding company for Eugenio Anhithe Wilde’s online virtual business endeavors inside Entropia Universe, an online 3D Universe connecting a number of planets sharing a universal Real Cash Economy. Utilizing an in game currency called Project Entropia Dollars, participants can deposit from fiat currency and also withdraw in game funds to their bank account.

Anhithe the avatar was created on Planet Calypso on September 20th 2005 after looking for a free online game to play with his brother. Life was tough back then on Calypso, and the brothers worked hard to eek out an existence in the harsh landscape around them without 'depositing.' It took days to trek from one Teleporter to another (this was before vehicles were introduced in game). More often than not they would die and end up at some outpost far from any signs of life, but the brothers pushed on and eventually started building up enough PED to trade with other players. Life was good and the brothers were happy for a time with their simple life. They made some good friends who would help them find Teleporters and bring them on Hunting missions. But as time passed by and they saw more of what this world had to offer, they eventually succumbed to the overwhelming temptation of depositing.

The brothers joined ‘Dark Hunters Inc.’ a society of their great friend Darrell Sidekick Leaman. They never looked back. With their new found wealth came their new lifestyles. Guns, Armour, Clothes, more guns, it was like a dream. At this point they started to find their own ways of handling their new deposited wealth, and this is where the brothers showed their fundamental differences. Pusherman was wild and adventurous and would go 'big amp mining', 'craft to the right’,' and go out in a blaze of swirlies. He would get rich quick, buy the best Armour, lose it all, sell the Armour, get rich again and then buy even better Armour.

Around this time, Anhithe's wife 'Kendra' joined as an escape from being a full-time parent of two toddlers. She enjoyed shopping, hunting and communicating with adults!

Anhithe on the other hand had a different, more calculated way of building his empire. He started off by saving up and buying a hanger. Back then the only places to go off planet were ‘Crystal Palace’ and ‘CND,’ a space station and an asteroid. Ant would bring people back and forth for a fee but he wasn’t really cut out to be a pilot and would mostly just use the ship for himself and his friends. This was where he met his future partner in crime MindStar9. She was working on CND at the time and they shared the belief that the community was what made Entropia Universe special.

Anhithe’s next idea was to go into the retail business, and this is where he found his niche. He was by this time a reasonable crafter and it was only common sense to sell his wares himself rather than going through a middle man. He started buying shops and after a short time he had a shop in ‘Port Atlantis’, ‘Emerald lakes’, 'Twin Peaks' and 'CND' which he branded as ‘Peddlers’. He had a lot of fun working out all the prices and market values that successful shop owners focus on and he continued operating the shops for a number of years.

It was in late 2008 when Ant decided he wanted to make a serious investment in Entropia Universe. This was when he decided to form a Company and start looking at other Virtual ways of making Cents.

When ‘Crystal Palace’ came up for sale on the 14th of December 2009, he was ready to make a bid for it. Unfortunately his Society mate at the time Buzz Eric Lightyear had the same idea and was in the bidding war too. So with a heavy heart and the PED for his bid on his card, he decided that land was the way to go. Over the next few months he bought three Land Areas.

At the same time in the real world Jason (Anhithe’s alter ego) was made redundant. So it was the perfect time to take the plunge and put all his eggs into his one virtual basket called Virtualsense.

At some time during 2015, there were signs that the owners of Monria wanted to sell, and Ant started thinking again of investing. So after selling Kendra's Armour (as was Ant’s habit) and most of his other in-game assets he was ready to make a bid. On the 26th of October 2015, Akoz started a Reverse Auction for the sale of Monria starting at 2.5M PED. For a nail biting couple of weeks Ant watched the price fall daily by 5%. On November 7th Ant put in his reserve for 943,384 PED, and 4 days later on the 13th, the Reverse Auction arrived at his bid. He was now officially a 'Moon Manager'.

What do you do when you buy a Moon? You go find a Star.

One of the first things Ant thought when he was at the stage of thinking about buying Monria, was how he wanted MindStar9 to be on the team. He could think of no other person that understood his way of thinking regarding community management than her. There was one catch. She had to shuffle off the mortal coil of MS9 and totally immerse herself in her new Monrian Born character.

So it was on a cold Winter’s night in November 2015 that MindStar9 was put on Ice, and DarkMoonEnigma was born on the dark side of an even darker moon.

In the time since Ant and DME have run the moon, they have each settled into their areas of comfort and expertise with relish. Ant manages development, marketing and Monria, while DME manages the community, Community Initiative Programs (CIP), the Media Team and official storyline. From the beginning they took things slowly and steadily. First fixing known and unknown issues, laying foundations, slowly adding content, running events, and building many support programs for the community. Over the years Monria has grown to be a place quite special but Anhithe felt it was time to do even more.

On the 19th August 2020, Virtualsense announced a partnership between Monria and Planet Toulan that would see Anhithe finally realize his dream to develop a planet within Entropia Universe and continue the journey that started nearly eleven years ago.

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VU 23.2.1 | Patch

Fixed Spelling issues in Mission dialoguesAdded Contribution to Pyramid of Shut’thend Dynamic Event at Stage 4 (Inside Pyramid)Resolved issue with Tegunestene Spine being received during Pyramid of Shut’thend Dynamic EventCthylla Bone description updatedLow Level Wahesh Spawn adjusted on ToulanUpdated Textile School Mission Description to accurately reflect the rewardGeneral Spelling Fixes