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VU 22.4 | Did anyone say Plushie?

New Missions Christmas gift 2022 Receive a small Gift as a Token of our appreciation Speak to Thana on Toulan Speak to Valeria on DSEC-9 FESTIVE QUEST 2022 (PLANET TOULAN/DSEC-9) Collect Christmas crackers whilst hunting non instance mobs during the month of December and hand them in for festive rewards. Speak to Thana on Toulan […]


VU 22.1.2 | PATCH

Added Discoveries to the descriptions of some items Some terrain tweaks


VU 22.2 | A CorBite Opportunity

CorBite Tasks Complete Tasks for the CorBite Trading Coporation and earn Mirsal Tokens. Complete 50 tasks for 50 Mirsal Tokens. If you don’t like a task you can return to Rais who will assign a new one. Each task will need to be completed within an hour to count. After completing a task you will […]


VU 22.1.1 | PATCH

Today there was a Patch to the 22.1 release with the following fixes/adjustments: Fixed Issue with Armor Instance Mobs not spawning Fixed issue with spawn of Juvenile Mokhats Adjusted Qaffaz Spawn


VU 22.1 | Within the Caves

Queen Nara, a reflection: To the Brave and Loyal citizens of Toulan, Let us not forget the sacrifices of our forebears.As darkness fills our caves and surrounds our villages we are reminded of the madness of war. We stand together against the lethal power of abused technology but we do stand tall for we are […]