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Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.4

New Content:

.Pet Center Manager of Guardian Village Stable : [133974,93122] SW of Village Walls

  • As a first step in implementing stables, a Pet Center Manager is now located at each stable location that can provide pet buffs. These buff are much the same as buffs provided by consumables, but are only active while the pet is summoned and has reached the “Loved” affection level. The buff duration is real-time and decrements even when your avatar is not logged on.

.New Mobs Loot :

  • Bahri Claw
  • Caboria Clam
  • Thawr Horn
  • Tabtab Tooth

.New Components Blueprints :

  • Simple Habkeh
  • Zir Button
  • Simple Mismar
  • Simple Mosannan

.New Weapons Blueprints for Melee Lines :

  • Sword Qataal
  • Sword BirdOfPrey

.Fixes :

  • Various terrain optimization.
  • Fixed Motamared Pants Blueprint recipe.
  • Added Redulite Ore for mining.
  • Fixed Armors : Heran and Rifi Durability has been corrected .

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