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Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.3

New Content:

.Introducing Toulan’s first pet, all hail the mighty :

Tabtab Puny

Warning : Tabtab pet owners have reported repeatedly finding Tabtab inside kitchen cupboards with no food left anywhere around, keep at your house at your own risk.

.New Lootable Armors :


. New Mining Minerals :
Yashib Stone
Qaz Worm
Sunburst Stone
Maro Stone

.New Blueprints for Melee Weapons Lines :

Sword Samm
Sword Thaqafa

.New Blueprints for Garments :

Fisherman Shorts (M)
Adrees Shoes (F)

.New Texture Blueprints :

Bahri Texture
Caboria Texture
Dahhar Texture
Jeef Zajer Texture

.New Mob Hide that can be refined into leather from mobs :
Bahri , Caboria, Dahhar, Jeef Zajer

.New Trade Terminal Items :
New TT Armors, Weapons and Tools with matching unified TT stats across all planets.


.Garments BP names now result with correct Garment item name.
. Fixed Jaish Boots Blueprint recipe with now all ingredients available.
.Fixed Garments :
Sahari Pleat
Labibah Coat
Elder Coat
Wazir Pleat

Known Issues:

.Tabtab pet may cause the 64-bit Client to crash on Windows 8. Using the 32-bit client avoids the problem.

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