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VU 23.3 | The Sound of DSEC



Nobion has been working overtime overhauling the audio experience on DSEC9. We are delighted and thankful for the wonderful job he has done. In his own words:
“Hello Entropians,
I’ve had the pleasure of providing the music for DSEC which has been running since June 2021. While I managed to make a fair number of tracks, I did not see my overall vision become reality with the release, so not long after, I began working on what I call “The DSEC Music overhaul”.
The work is finished, and you will be able to log in and enjoy it today! but first a few words about the music & the thoughts behind it. Until now, the soundtrack featured around 20 tracks, these were split between the 3 Zones, but from now on, the whole soundtrack will be shared between all zones!
The soundtrack has been upgraded to feature not only songs but also more “atmospheric” tracks that are typically slower and can feature environmental elements (wind, humming, etc.) in total the soundtrack now features 30 songs and 30 atmospheric songs for a combined playlist of 60 tracks! to put that into perspective, it’s 2.8 hours of continuous music!
For the older players, you might even notice a few very nostalgic sounds make an appearance throughout the soundtrack
Inspirations come from Project Entropia, Entropia Universe, The Omikron Soul, and multiple other sources. You will experience some tracks that sound very Project Entropia’ish, while others have their unique style or other recognizable influences.
Due to some technical circumstances, the music is mixed so it always plays the song first, and fades into an atmospheric song, so teleporting in and out to shift songs in a search to experience the complete soundtrack will not be possible

New Codex Missions have been added for the following Mob Classes on DSEC9:

  • Shogghols
  • Zokaraneus
  • Cult of Shut’thend
  • Tegunestene
  • Spawn of Cthylla and Cthylla

A rare laser sight “The Sight of Cthylla” is possible to be looted during the Dynamic Event at The Pyramid of Shut’thend.



Over the past few months we have been collecting feedback from the community on the creature spawns on Toulan. With this feedback we have reorganized creature spawns across Planet Toulan. We have attempted to group the creature spawns by maturity and type to improve the hunting experience. This is an ongoing effort and we will continue to make tweaks in the future based on feedback.

Players now have a choice of 3 options at the repeatable stage of the Khaffash Terminator Mission at the Narian Temple:

  • Kill 50 Khaffash for 10 Nawa Fragments
  • Kill 100 Khaffash for 20 Nawa Fragments
  • Kill 150 Khaffash for 30 Nawa Fragments

Three textures are now eligible for the Textile School Mission:

  • Aqeeq texture = 1 point
  • Sunjoq texture = 1 point
  • Caboria texture = 2 points

A Token Trader has been added and is accessible from the following locations:

  • Floor 7, Nahar Towers, next to the Info Booth
  • DSEC9, Next to the Lotus TP

The Cooldown period for all repeatable missions on DSEC9 and Planet Toulan has been reduced to 16 hours.


  • Spelling and Grammar fixes
  • Crafting, Auction and Mission Terminals added at the Narian Temple
  • Adjusted size of Dahhar Juvenile Young
  • Adjusted size of Mokhat Juvenile Young


  • A Platform issue exists where the in game music stops playing if you teleport between a Monria TP and a DSEC TP. You must relog to fix the issue.

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