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VU 22.3.1 | PATCH

  • Fixed issue with The Carpenters Daily Deal Quest on Toulan
  • Reduced the Creature Spawns on Event Island on Toulan
  • Removed some 3D Objects on Floor 6&7 of Nahar Towers – We will continue to tweak performance in the Towers
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Elder Blessing’ Buff
  • Adjusted the contribution required for the tiers in the Dynamic Events
  • Adjusted the Defend the Shrine Dynamic event to a 2-4 hour cool down
  • The Zomorod Crystal can now be obtained by reaching Tier 3 of the Retake Shrine Dynamic Event (Triggered on failure to defend the Shrine)
  • Adjusted the Dynamic Events in the MoM to a 1-2 hour cool down
  • General Mob Spawn adjustments (particularly outside)
  • Adjusted Boss spawning in the Dynamic Events
  • Pets can now be spawned in MoM
  • Various text updates and spelling corrections
  • Discoveries added to the description of items
  • Small terrain tweaks