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VU 21.1 | Nadira Wants an Apprentice

Nadira wants an Apprentice

A new crafting mission has been added, speak to Nadira at Guardian Village to find out more.

Festive Gifts!

The issue with the Christmas gifts should be resolved and you can collect them by visiting Planet Toulan during March.

St Patrick’s Day Gifts

This year’s St Patrick’s Day gifts will be distributed on Toulan. Once the mission is activated, walk to the Information booth at the Citadel to receive this year’s presents in advance of the Annual Parade on Monria.

Texture Blueprints

The following unlimited versions of Material Blueprints have been added:

  • Luxury Ornate Texture Blueprint
  • Reddish Pink Texture Blueprint
  • Batik Texture Blueprint
  • Mosaic Texture Blueprint
  • Red Overlapping Texture Blueprint

Let there be Sound!

The ambient music by Composer Tareq Al Nasser has been added to the various areas on Toulan that the tracks were originally intended for.

Jelly Zone

  • A new TP has been added to Jelly Zone
  • The spawns at Jelly Zone have been adjusted so that maturity ‘groups’ don’t overlap

Toulan Waves

The wave timeouts have been increased for all the waves on Toulan.

Mob Spawn Adjustments

  • Fixed the issue with Karmoosh Spawning by Guardian Village
  • Added a Mokhat Juvenile Spawn close to Guardian Village
  • The Dahhar Spawn close to Al Nahar Snowy Mountains has been increased
  • Qaffaz Spawn added to the East of Guardian Village in the mountains
  • Increased the Wahesh Spawn
  • Jeef Host should no longer appear in the FNFs

Additional Changes/fixes

  • Ad Screens added to Nahar City and Guardian Village
  • Fixed auction category for Bahri items
  • Updated text for Fauna and Flora requirements
  • Adjust weight of Sham, Sham Sand and Nawa Vial
  • Adjusted Mawlood Recruit Harness so it matches the rest of the armour
  • Fixed issue with Juvenile spawn after event
  • Increased times for monthly event
  • adjusted the attack stage of the event
  • Fixed Modern Floor Lamp BP
  • Fixed Tiered Floor Lam BP
  • Added rewards description to some daily missions
  • adjusted the ‘protect to coop’ reward so it is inline with other missions in the chain
  • Added more names of those that discovered items to the descriptions

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