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Monria VU 1.0 - What do you call a diseased Irish criminal? | Virtualsense


Monria VU 1.0 – What do you call a diseased Irish criminal?

VU 1.0 has now been implemented and finally after a long road we have our own pet on Monria.


The original sketch for this pet was done by @Kendra‘s mother who is an artist IRL and I think the guys have done a fantastic job on it.

You can see @Hovno taming one below

pet taming 2.jpg ​


With this VU we have introduced boxing as a new and exciting event format on Monria! We have been working on this for a while and will be running our Own Monria Boxing Championship and plenty of impromptu events. To be eligible for Monria official boxing events you will need to use Monria Boxing gloves which are a crafteable weapon that can be equipped on both hands. As this is the first two handed weapon in Entropia Universe it has provided some technical difficulties but is available now, so start crafting weapons if you want a discovery! There will be two types of boxing glove per weight division with the same Damage Per Second, allowing contestants to switch between gloves during a boxing match to add more realism to our boxing matches.

Phase 2

There will be a phase 2 of this release next week. There was a few things still outstanding to do that will be added to this patch.

  • Texture will be added to the PVP ring
  • The Event System for the PVP ring will be enabled
  • The boxing gloves are missing sound
  • Visuals of the boxing gloves are not complete (there is only one style atm). The different weight classes will have different designs.

We are very excited about the possibilities with Boxing on Monria and look forward to sparring with you :)

Oh and seeing as nobody won the guess the pet competition I will extend it here, first 5 people to post a picture with their tamed pet will win a pet tag and a limited whip!!!

kudos to @Kaya for being the closest by guessing a little man that does a moonie! Pretty close so hit me for a pet name tag when you see me in game!

@Maximus Cashicus I can’t believe you didn’t guess this one ;)

@RosaRaine Buns congrats on being the first to tame one :)


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