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Monria VU 0.1 - Some bug fixes on Monria | Virtualsense


Monria VU 0.1 – Some bug fixes on Monria

Our Main Content release is due in the next patch but the following bug fixes have been included in today’s release:

Monria Fixed Issues

  • Removed floating ReplaceMe balls | Amazeballs! They’re finally removed​
  • The mission “DSEC: Spawn of Shub-Niggurath V” is now repeatable | Sorry it took so long @Angel Of Shadows perhaps you’ll come back and visit now :p
  • The mission “A break from the insanity” should now work properly | Even though we do offer a free service for all our Monrian Born, I thought it was only fair to reinstate the mission with the free trip to Calypso.​
  • Fixed progression for the mission “DSEC has an eye on you” to “Get the ooze” mission |This is the last mission in the Welcome to Monria mission chain with some rookie weapon cells as a reward​
  • Corrected lighting in the corridors in the Apartment Towers | We’ve had complaints of things that go bump in the night…
 If you find and more bugs please report them here, I maintain a list and do my best to get them resolved.


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