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Monria Version Zero

I am pleased to announce Monria’s first version update in over a year, and our first since taking over the Moon 3-1/2 months ago on Nov 26, 2015. We are resetting the clock, so you can consider this version zero or VU “o_O



As announced previously we now have our own stable in the West Crater so we can all level up our own pet :happydance​
Does a smiley count as an update?

A stable was a priority early on due to feedback from our resident ‘lunartics.’ The stable will be placed on the auction in an upcoming patch along with the introduction of Sweetstuff so that we can make our own nutrio bars. We are working on plans for a pet in the future but it will not be available in this VU, although Calypso Pets can be spawned on Monria, so grab your own Leprechaun for the St Patrick’s day on Saturday.

The stable is placed in the West Crater because I want as many reasons to go to different parts of our Moon as possible. It is positioned as close as I could get it to the TP without it actually being a TP.

Monria Prize Tickets

“Monria Prize Tickets” can now be looted through hunting! These tickets can be exchanged for prizes on display in my shop in the main hub and in the tickets prize thread . They are numbered from 1 to 20 and you have 6 months from the time you loot them to claim your prize. This is on the off chance that some of you prefer tickets to shiny things! The ‘Great Ones’ decide when the tickets appear but they can be considered quite rare, so stop reading and start hunting to get your discovery!

The Monria Tickets are a first step in giving us the tools to run our crazy events and it will also enable me to vary the loot in the future. I also want more people to visit my shop so that I can sell those Refrigerators that Dark Moon Enigma keeps forcing me to move. It might be small items in the future but I feel its important to personalize the rewards for hunting and with all Kendra’s shopping I have a lot of junk to get rid of. So please stop stocking your shops  because it will just end up being returned in loot!

Changes and Tweaks

The Zoldenite mission chain (DSEC : Zoldenite I-VI) now rewards surveying skills instead of prospecting. I felt this was more balanced and made sense, I know we’re a little different but that’s just Crazyshadow .

There are other changes that may or may not be very obvious and there are some things for which I am sworn to secrecy on pain of death but I did some of those things too…

Bug Fixes

I now have in my possession the deeds for:

  • Cthylla Towers Shop 1 | Display Area
  • Cthylla Towers Shop 2 | Display Area

One comes with the shop on the auction and the other will stop pusherman nagging me. All Display areas should be in the possession of Avatars now. If anyone has any further issues with the display areas please let me know. It is likely in the future that these deeds will be merged as having them separate is a little nutty. In the meantime if anyone is buying a shop in the towers on Monria be sure to get two deeds (one for the display area and one for the shop).

Other bugs:

The other reported bugs such as the tower shops not showing who bought an item, TP to home not working, some of the display areas in the hub not working and other quirky bugs will not be fixed in this VU. Rather than attempt to patch these things I have decided that it is best that parts of Monria are rebuilt. This will take longer but will be better for us in the long term and is nothing too exciting, just some housekeeping.

The repeatable shub chain mission has not been fixed yet but I haven’t forgotten you, AngelofShadows, it’s just that you were too slow to kill them and I was too late to get it fixed in time. I am continuing to chase this and other bugs. So please if you spot anything out of the ordinary, add it to the bug list, just bear in mind that not all things strange on Monria are bugs, some of them are just us expressing ourselves….

Known Issues

With the introduction of the new jumpsuits it seems our Monrian born are about to experience a fashion faux pas as I have had reports that the Monria top may not play nice with the new outfit. Be warned that if you remove the outfit you may look like Sluggo  in a tee shirt. Your fashion is important to me so rest assured I will be doing all I can in the future to ensure that Monrian’s are always dressed to party.

Thanks for your support