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VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

Trutlo had joined the Cult at the bequest of the Elder Gods who had interpreted the carvings on the Pyramid of Shut’thend. His mission was one of reconnaissance to lift the veil behind Decca’s plans with the Secret Daughter of Cthulhu and unearth the meaning behind the ultimate sacrifice.

The teachings of Decca talk to the destiny of Cthylla and the rebirth of Him Who Will Rise Again. It is the Cult of Cthulhu that holds the ultimate sacrifice, a final backstop to be offered should The Great One’s slumber turn deathly.

It was these revelations that led Trutlo to the conclusion that the Order must retrieve the ultimate sacrifice.


Dynamic Event at The Pyramid of Shut’thend

  • Situated at the Pyramid of Shut’thend
  • The event is triggered by placing an offering at Cthylla’s Altar situated at the entrance to the Pyramid
  • The Altar can only be activated by a player with the item in their inventory
  • The activation item must be retrieved (looted) from the Cult of Shut’thend (Cultists) outside the Pyramid and handed in at Cthylla’s Altar to start the Dynamic Event
  • The Event is designed to be completed by groups of players and includes low level creatures for mixed level play
  • Defeat the Cultists defending the Pyramid, Kill the Spawn of Cthylla inside the Pyramid and face Cthylla
  • Once the defenders have been defeated the Pyramid will close and can only be enter via the insta-teleporter by the revive.
  • An Elder Blessing is bestowed on each member of the Team on success of the Event. The Elder Blessing is a skill increase buff lasting one hour with the strength determined by the Contribution Tier Reached.


  • A new Mob Class ‘Spawn of Cthylla’ has been added as part of the Dynamic Event
  • A new Boss mob ‘Cthylla’ has been added as part of the Dynamic Event

Planet Toulan

Sunjoq Daily

  • New Spawn of Sunjoq added (close to the CUHOF Caves Entrance)
  • Kill Sunjoq and receive some Oil as a reward
  • Speak to Askari outside Guardian Village for more information

Daily Aqeeq Texture Crafting Mission ‘Textile School’

  • Daily Mission for Players that craft Aqeeq Texture
  • Reward 40 PEC of Make Textile Skill
  • Speak to Nadira for more information

Flora and Fauna Timer Increases

  • The FNF instances timers have been increased to 5 hours

Mob Spawn Adjustments

  • Wahesh Spawns have been adjusted on Toulan
  • Thawr Spawns have been adjusted by the Narian Temple


  • Added A Trade Terminal and Repair Terminal at the Narian Temple
  • Spawn Reduced in wave 5 of CUHOF armor instance
  • Updates to Estates at Larches Green at the Mountain of Madness

Known Issues

  • Textile School Mission Description incorrectly states the reward as 50 PEC of Make Textile Skill instead of 40 PEC
  • CODEX for Shogghols, Zokaraneus, Tegunestene and Cult of Shut’thend is still not working. It is with Mindark for resolution
  • CODEX for the new Cthylla mobs hasn’t been added yet and is with Mindark for Implementation.

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