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VU 22.1 | Within the Caves

Queen Nara, a reflection:

To the Brave and Loyal citizens of Toulan,

Let us not forget the sacrifices of our forebears.
As darkness fills our caves and surrounds our villages we are reminded of the madness of war.

We stand together against the lethal power of abused technology but we do stand tall for we are not alone.
We bask in a light that fills the crevices where evil lurks and lift the spirits of the oppressed.

Clear the caves and defend your homes.
Be the Guardians of your villages and unite against those that seek to destroy.

We are one people, a people where the strong lift the frail and the wise guide the young.

Bring light to the caves.
Defend your homes.


Unlimited Baraka Armor Upgrade

  • Upgrade your Baraka Armor parts to Adjusted Baraka Armor parts
  • Speak to The Armor Upgrade Merchant at CUHOF Caves for more information.


  • 3 part – 5% Increased Evade, 5% Increased Dodge
  • 5 part – 10% Increased Evade, 10% Increased Dodge
  • 7 part – 15% Increased Evade, 15% Increased Dodge

Armor Instance Quest

Hand in parts needed by Mudarrah and clear the area for him to receive an armor part.

  • New Seven Stage Armor Instance Quest
  • Dynamic Wave instance
  • Receive a different limited armor piece at each stage by handing in the required parts and completing the waves within the allocated time
  • Finish all 7 stages to complete the full set of CUHOF Armor (L) of your avatar’s gender
  • The armor is tradeable
  • Speak to Mudarrah the Armorer at CUHOF Caves for more information

Additional Information related to CUHOF changes

  • New TP “CUHOF Caves” added
  • Nawa Core Parts are now stackable and can be refined to make CUHOF Molten which is used in the Armor Instance Quest
  • CUHOF Armor Plate I is lootable in the Armor Instance
  • The 7 stage mission is repeatable after a 48hr cool down (meaning once completed you can go through the 7 stages again to receive another armor set)
  • Each stage requires you to complete the 6 waves in the instance.
  • If you are unable to complete the wave in the required time return to Mudarrah to begin the waves again
  • NawaCore Mk3 is a requirement for the Armor Instance Quest
  • The Sunjoq CUHOFS and Dahhar Sunjoqs in the Waves are between threat level 22-41.
  • The skill rewards for the CUHOF Daily Quests have been increased (by approximately a factor of 10)

The Carpenters Daily Deal

  • Daily Repeatable hand in Quest
  • hand in 1 basic butt joint and receive a 10 click neon sign blueprint of your choice
  • Speak to Yusra on floor 7 of Nahar Towers for more information

Toulan Citizens

  • The Queen has been showing her appreciation to Toulan Citizens who help to defend Guardian Village during our Monthly Events
  • The first Mission in a new chain for Toulan Citizens
  • Speak to the Citizen’s representative at Guardian Village for more information
  • Eligible by being Toulan Born or Having completed the Toulan Citizenship Mission


A Corbite Key Technician has arrived at the Lotus Temple on Elara

  • Exchange spare Lotus Key parts and Shrapnel for a Lotus Gold Solo Master Key
  • It is cheaper to loot and refine to create a Lotus Gold Solo Master Key directly from the key parts
  • Added as a convenience for those with spare parts who may wish to convert them rather than collect a set

St Patrick’s Day

The St Patrick’s Day gift has been added and will be given to players who enter the area by the first TP on DSEC-9 from the day of the parade



  • Graphical/color adjustments to the day night cycle at DSEC-9
  • Otis Toy renamed to Otis Plushie
  • Text adjustments
  • More discoveries added to descriptions
  • Reduced Wahesh Hatchling global threshold and slightly increased model size
  • Various small tweaks and adjustments


  • Missing Qaffaz Daily added to Aziz daily quests
  • Wood cutter daily reward increased (1 PED extra Universal Ammo)
  • Jeef Spawn increased during Monthly events
  • Adjusted Tabtab spawns
  • Mokhat and Dahhar Juveniles should now count towards CODEX
  • Gun turrets added to Al Nahar to stop unwanted visitors
  • tweaks to the ground by the Citadel due to flooding issues
  • More discoveries added to descriptions
  • Added CUHOF TP to information desk
  • Various small tweaks and adjustments

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