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VU 21.4.1 | PATCH

Today there was a Patch to the 21.4 release with the following fixes/adjustments:

  • Fixed issue with new vehicle not working on Toulan
  • Adjusted Khaffash spawning behavior at the temple
  • Add Turret to and widen event area
  • Add more discoveries to Item descriptions
  • Quest Dialogue typos
  • Fix Missing Mission Terminal at outposts
  • Fix Hitbox on Lotus Invaders
  • Tweak attack behavior of Lotus Invaders
  • Fix missing Crackers for christmas quest from Juvenile mobs
  • Add name ‘khalil’ to Quest NPC
  • Add waypoints for Otis Plushie Quest and change name from interactive
  • fix mission reward description for woodcutter mission
  • Tweaked Lotus Instances (changed minimum to 1 in team)

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