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VU 21.3.1 | Patch

Today there was a Patch to the 21.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments:

  • The CUHOF instances can no longer be accessed via Yasmina and must now be entered via the dungeon gates in front of the appropriate doors.
  • Updated text for Mirsal Hunting Dailies so people are aware they need Nawacore MK3
  • Fixed issue with Mirsal Crafting daily so it is now repeatable
  • Fixed issue where mini daily mining and mining daily could be completed together
  • Text updates for New Player Missions on Toulan
  • Text updates on Mirsal Token Items
  • Fixed issue with counter on DEC Emissary Missions
  • updated description in Mirsal Crafting to ’50 successful attempts’
  • Adjusted Corbite sign position
  • Tweaks to Spawns (Duhol, Thawr and Khaffash)
  • Upgrade to Nahar Towers Booth 11, Floor 7
  • Added more discoveries to descriptions of items (from before VU)
  • Adjustments to Event Area on Toulan based on feedback

Known Issues:

  • The Salafa Laser Sight is currently displaying the incorrect efficiency

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