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VU 20.3.1 |Some fixes and adjustments

Today there was a Patch to the 20.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments

  • Graphical fixes to the Kurti Dresses including the addition of a necktie
  • Graphical updates to a range of garments
  • BPs for items needing graphical updates released and available to be looted
  • Zir and Habkeh BP visual updated to reflect that they are tailoring bps
  • Fixes for the New Player Experience Missions
  • Information Desk is now active to provide some information to Visitors on Toulan
  • Adjustments to the Nawa fountain which now spawns Nawa Fragments
  • TabTab Tooth and Caboria Cavity is now tradeable
  • Khaffash Mohajem now count as Khaffash for the Quawa Mission
  • Updated Jasmina CUHOF and CUHOF beginner mission dialogue
  • Fixed Malwood Armour BP in the beginner mission
  • “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key – Solo” has been distributed and placed in the inventory of eligible players

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