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Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

New Taming Content

Introducing Toulan’s new tamble creature “Karmoosh Aleef” with the following unlockable passive buffs

  • Skill Gain Pet & Taming 10%
  • Decrease Critical Damage 3%
  • Auto Loot 45 Meters

The Guardian Village Stable, previous placeholder model have now been updated into a new Stable building model.

New Shack/Hut and a Booth added for the Stable owner.

Toulan Master Tamer NPC Kenda, have been moved from Nahar City to Stable and now has 2 Missions. (both missions have pre-requirement of Nawacore MK3)

Mission : Taming Karmoosh Aleef

Requires hunting all 5 Wave Spawners Boss Mobs, after completing the mission NPC Kenda will provide a “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key”

Mission : Give Me Your Karmoosh Lateef
(this mission is considered compensation mission for who has Karmoosh Lateef pet, can bypass the Kill 5 Bosses mission and instantly get Key reward)

NPC Kenda asks for your “Karmoosh Lateef”, she will take it and in return provide you with a “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key”

Fauna & Flora Lab 2 Building is now open, containing Karmoosh Aleef Lab, for both a Solo or Team portal entrance to its dedicated instance, which consumes “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key” for entry.

“Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key” is a non-tradable item

The Karmoosh Aleef Lab room requires “Nawacore MK3” as a requirement to enter.

The Kenda NPC two missions are not connected to each other, and can be repeated with no limitations.

Changes :

  • The New Player Experience (NPE) has been fixed across multiple of its missions
  • Fixed some instances/dungeons that previously incorrectly deducted PECs at entry
  • Various Loot and Mining fixes
  • Visual fixes of textures, lighting, Moon glow
  • Visual and interior/exterior optimization fixes of Nahar Towers Building

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