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Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.4

New Content :

. Nahar Towers

The new commercial and residential building is now launched in Nahar City.

More detailed announcement for the sale of the estate is coming soon.

. New Player Experience Overhaul

The New Player Experience has been overhauled depending on where the player is coming from, the start room or from other planets.

. A new player vehicle will now be granted early on in the mission chain to help new players on their travel across the planet.

. A new sweating area has been created at Al-Nahar Snow Mountain outpost.

. New Teleporter at Al-Nahar Snow Mountain.

. Introducing NawaCores

NawaCores are sophisticated Nawa powered devices that unlock activities and opportunities across Toulan.

A NawaCore tracks player progress through their journey on the planet and each upgrade to a player’s NawaCore will unlock additional higher-level content such as access to higher-level instances or missions, as well as access to higher-level daily repeatable missions. Additional information can be gained from the NawaCore Agent NPC located at the gate entrance area of Nahar City.

New Toulan players will receive a “NawaCore MK1” when exiting the start room, while existing Toulan born players will receive a certificate that can be exchanged at the Citadel area for a “NawaCore MK1” to start the overhauled new player experience.

Entropia universe players who started on other planets, can acquire a “NawaCore MK1” by speaking to the NawaCore Agent NPC in Nahar City.

The NawaCore agent provides two options to acquire this first NawaCore:
1: It can be bought for 10,000 Vibrant Sweat.
2: Hunt 100 TabTab

. Mining Changes

The mining system on the planet has been rebuilt to ensure all Toulan and Universe resources are spread across the planet.

. CUHOF and 3 Mini Instances Changes :

CUHOF and Mini instances now use a new universal instance key called “Nawa Energy Cores” that can gain access to any instance on Toulan. This is in order for the instances to be easier to access for all players and that an unlimited amount of keys can be made.

Unlike the previous CUHOF keys, the new Nawa Energy Core is not crafted but refined in a refiner using 100 Vibrant Sweat and 1 Nawa Shard (refined from 2x Nawa Fragments).
Nawa Fragments are acquired through enmater mining.

Different levels of CUHOF instances require different amounts of “Nawa Energy Cores” to open, the key amount required is reflected next to the instance name, for example CUHOF 03 will require 3x Nawa Energy Cores.

Other Changes :

. Nawa Drops no longer spawn on the planet but will return with more uses in the near future.

. Nawa Shards will gain additional uses in the near future.

. The Nawa Fountain at The Narian Temple is now spawning Oil :

A batch of Khaffash have found their way inside the Narian Temple and taken over the Nawa Fountain, they’re grabbing everything in sight, but appear to be dropping Oil in return.

Known Issues :

With the major overhaul to the graphics engine of the Entropia Universe client featured in this release, some graphical issues have incurred affecting textures, objects, items and areas may look slightly different or introduce unexpected visual issues.
We’re addressing all these graphical fixes across Toulan.

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