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Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.1

New Content:

. Introducing the new (Toulan Mirsal Token) “TMT” which will be utilized for various activities and access to instances across the planet, the “TMT” at this time is used for access to the Qaydar/Baydar/Shamsdar Mini Instances, with more planned uses for it in the near future.

. New Sabikah (Bullion) items, in different sizes/values (5 Gram , 10 Gram, 20 Gram) can be acquired through CUHOF instances.

. New Mirsal Exchanger NPC [134404, 96395] standing at Nahar City Center, for exchanging Sabikah into TMT depending on its value.

. New NPC Maher [133960, 95103] who now provides Qaydar/Baydar/Shamsdar Full Cards, trading them for TMT.

. The Card Parts Left/Right/Center are no longer available through loot, NPC Salhoob [133960, 95103] has new dialog options to trade card parts for Universal Ammo.

. New Weapons are waiting to be discovered.


. An overall step by step fix to Toulan’s beginner experience has been applied.

. NPC Bilal mission counter now works correctly.

. NPC Labiba mission counter now works correctly.

. NPC Harban mission now has different requirements.

. Mission (Learning To Craft) now has different requirements to provide to NPC Faiza, and Mawlood Starter Armor Blueprint is changed as well.

. Mission (Cold Cuts Research) now has different requirements.

. Mission (Nahar Outfit Stage 3) now works as intended with boxes appearing inside Duhol Cave.

. Vibrant Sweat has been added to CUHOF Keys Blueprints recipes.

. CUHOF Instances exit spawn point is now better positioned to avoid getting stuck in door.

. New Arrivals to planet spawn point is now better positioned.

. New Arrivals to planet zone, now has a wall preventing new players to wander off instead of following beginner path.

. All Toulan Melee weapons now correctly accept Melee Amps.

. Toulan’s (Chahen BLP Amp) line and (Muzwed Energy Amp) line , have now been fixed with correct specs.

Known Issues With Fix Priority:

. Karmoosh Lateef Pet, buff is still pending but scheduled to be addressed in an upcoming patch.

. Loot mobs parts adjustments are still taking place at an ongoing pace.

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