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Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.2

New Content :

. Introducing 3 New Mini Instances :

Three Mysterious caves hidden behind a veil, a secret phrase disturbs its slumber and opens the path of treasures to those who prevail.

  • Qaydar
  • Baydar
  • Shamsdar

. New Loot Items :

  • Different ancient “Card Parts” have been appearing in Loot across Toulan, which are used for Mini Instances.

. New NPCs for Mini Instances Missions :

  • “NPC Salhoob” at Dam Cliffs Outpost [133959, 95103]
    Salhoob provides missions to collect the different lootable “Card Parts”.
    He also converts the collected “Card Parts” into “Completed Cards” needed to access the Mini Instances.
  • “NPC Azraq” at Guardian Village Shores [133755, 93351]
    Azraq allows access to each Mini Instance, by providing him with the “Completed Card”.

. New Armor :

  • Baraka Armor

. New Loot items added to CUHOF Instances.

. Fixes :

  • Fixed Qandil Equip/Ready movement.
  • TabTab Pet no longer can be placed on Auction.
  • Fixed CUHOF Instance Attempts Mission, the attempts will remain even if there is a crash or disconnect.
  • Added more Terminals to CUHOF Instances.
  • Various terrain optimization.
  • Various vegetation fixes.

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