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Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.8.1

New Content :

. New Pet : Karmoosh Lateef
. New Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission, NPC Kenda [134419, 96690]
. Adjusted the playlist of Toulan’s Official Soundtrack by International Composer Tareq Al-Naser, the music is now non-zone specific, playing across the entire planet.

Fixes :

. Bedaya Armor (L) is now dropping in Loot.

Known Issues :

.Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission mentions in the mission name “Stage 1” , where in fact there are no multiple stages for this mission, this is a naming error which will be fixed with the next update.

. Karmoosh Lateef Pet Buffs are not final, and will be updated in the future.

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