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Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.7

New Content:

. New Beginner Experience Quest Chain :

After new players reach the Guardian Village, NPC Bahar will lead on the extension of the new player experience.

. New NPC Ahlan at The Citadel, welcomes planet arrivals from space and directs them towards Salam to being the new player quest chain.

. Added NPC Attribute Token Trader at the Nawa Reactor of Al-Nahar City.

. New Public Event Organizer at [131912, 91611]

. New Quwa Challenges at NPC Moftah in the Guardian Village.

  • Quwa Challenge For TabTab
  • Quwa Challenge For Bahri
  • Quwa Challenge For Mokhat
  • Quwa Challenge For Jeef Zajer
  • Quwa Challenge For Caboria

. New Action Figure Rewards for all Quwa Challenges.

. New Daily Missions at NPC Aziz the fisherman at the docks of Guardian Village.

  • Daily Mission For TabTab
  • Daily Mission For Bahri
  • Daily Mission For Mokhat
  • Daily Mission For Thawr
  • Daily Mission For Dahhar

. New Wave Spawner :

  • Wave Spawner (TabTab Playground) at [132260, 94171]

. New Lootable Weapons :

  • Carbine_Sahra_MK8 (L)
  • Carbine_Sahra_MK9 (L)
  • Carbine_Sahra_MK10 (L)
  • Pistol_Salafa G7 (L)
  • Pistol_Salafa G8 (L)
  • Pistol_Salafa G9 (L)
  • Pistol_Salafa G10 (L)
  • Shayeb S40 (L)
  • Shayeb S45 (L)
  • Shayeb S50 (L)
  • Shayeb S55 (L)
  • Hilqa Knife M5 (L)
  • Hilqa Knife M6 (L)
  • Hilqa Knife M7 (L)
  • Hilqa Knife M8 (L)
  • Jamjoon Annihilation JA-1 (L)
  • Jamjoon Wipeout JW-1(L)
  • Jamjoon Masascre JM-1 (L)
  • Sword_Ophidian Blade M5 (L)
  • Sword_Ophidian Blade M6 (L)
  • Sword_Ophidian Blade M7 (L)
  • Sword_Ophidian Blade M8 (L)

. New Lootable Armor :

  • Sada Armor (L)
  • Haris Armor (L)

. New Mobs Loot :

  • Mokhat Hand
  • Mokhat Organ
  • Statues for each Wave Spawner Boss

. Added Lootable Dominax Original Whips
. Added Lootable MindForce Items

Fixes :

  • Fixed Wave Spawners Time Out Extended to 3 Minutes.
  • Fixed Wave Spawners, reduced mobs density.
  • Fixed Wave Spawners terrain, added visible borders.
  • Fixed Mob Sunjoq Unreachable issues.
  • Fixed Duhol Quwa Challenge broken Stage 2, now working normally.
  • Fixed Reciepe for Sunburst Texture Blueprint.
  • Fixed Recipe for Yashib Texture Blueprint.
  • Fixed Jeef Qaher Hide loot issue, now Dropping in Loot.

Known Issues :

  • NPC Aziz Daily Missions not working (Fixed)
  • NPC Ahlan at The Citadel not working (Fixed)
  • NPC Moftah Quwa Challenges Giver not working (Fixed)
  • NPC Attribute Token Trader at Al-Nahar City Nawa Reactor not working (Fixed)
  • Duhol Quwa Challenge Stage 2, gets abandoned after completing mission (To Be Fixed In Upcoming Patch and those who finished Stage 2 will be able to continue to Stage 3 normally)
  • Daily Mission (Hunt 100 Khaffash) , is not repeatable. (To Be Fixed In Upcoming Patch)

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