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Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.1

New Content:

  • Toulan’s official soundtrack by international composer Mr.Tareq Al Nasser is now being played across the realms of Toulan.
    Mr.Tareq has inspired each musical piece to adapt to Toulan’s Arabian Sci-Fi theme and to reflect the different atmospheres it is being played on.
  • 8 New hunting missions, with NPCs located at Al-Nahar City and across various outposts.
  • New Items, Materials, Resources and Blueprints, waiting to be discovered.
  • NPC “Uthman” is spreading word at Al-Nahar City about a mysterious flow of Nawa energy being reaped at an ancient temple.
  • New Mob “Sunjoq”, with reports of Sunjoq herds migrating into various zones across Toulan.


  • Resolved issues with the landing zone at The Citadel.
  • Mission “Hunt 30 Caboria” by NPC Aziz , no longer tied to young maturity.
  • Various fixes on items and blueprints.
  • Various terrain fixes.
  • Various fixes on Mobs AI and animation.
  • Loot diversity fixes.
  • Loot Collection Pills added to Trade Terminal.

Known issues:

Loot Collection Pills not appearing in Trade Terminal.


All missions are now switched on!

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