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VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

Trutlo had joined the Cult at the bequest of the Elder Gods who had interpreted the carvings on the Pyramid of Shut’thend. His mission was one of reconnaissance to lift the veil behind Decca’s plans with the Secret Daughter of Cthulhu and unearth the meaning behind the ultimate sacrifice. The teachings of Decca talk to […]


VU 23.1.1 | Patch

Fixed Grammar and Typos Updated Spawn at Narian Temple Fixed issue with Corbite Task at Narian Temple Added some discoveries Terrain and building adjustments at Larches Green Fixed Icon on mission reward description for Crafting Weekly


VU 23.1 | Where have all the Khaffash gone??

NARIAN TEMPLE Based on Feedback from the community, some changes have been made to the Narian Temple Khaffash mobs will ‘de-spawn’ if dragged outside their natural spawn area around the fountain and ‘re-spawn’ in their original area. The quantity of Nawa Fragments spawned on the ground has been reduced. A new daily mission ‘The Khaffash […]


VU 22.4.1| Plushie Patch?

Added more discoveries to description of items Updated description on Tabtab Slippers (added date) Updated Dynamic Event Counter in CUHOF CAVE Small Grammar/Spelling Fixes


VU 22.4 | Did anyone say Plushie?

New Missions Christmas gift 2022 Receive a small Gift as a Token of our appreciation Speak to Thana on Toulan Speak to Valeria on DSEC-9 FESTIVE QUEST 2022 (PLANET TOULAN/DSEC-9) Collect Christmas crackers whilst hunting non instance mobs during the month of December and hand them in for festive rewards. Speak to Thana on Toulan […]