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Monria VU 4.3 – Armour Updates

Armour Face Masks The Armour facemasks have been converted to helmets and the 3d model updated. The Horns of Z’agol The Horns of Z’agol should now be facing the correct direction. ‘Horned’ helmets If you are lucky enough to obtain an unlimited helmet, you can now hand the helmet and horns of Z’agol in to […]


Monria VU 4.2 – The Order of the Elder Gods

The Order of the Elder Gods The start of a new mission chain “The Order of the Elder Gods” has been implemented. Speak to Pinthas at DSEC Forensics to find out more Armour Face Masks The Armour face masks had issues with certain hairstyles and so we replaced them with a ‘helmet’ and applied the […]


Monria VU 4.1 – The Celestial Prison Bug fixes

We have the following fixes in today’s patch: Mining Guild Representative at the Monria Hub offering mining missions — located at the Monria Hub, 2nd floor, opposite from Trading Center on the right by the Daily Token Traders — 23 mining missions are offered Known issues: Still waiting on the following that will be in […]


Monria VU 4.0 – The Celestial Prison

I was in the Dark Moon Pub the other night, relaxing and getting mentally prepared for St Patrick’s Day when I met a very interesting character. From what I can tell, Thomas Malone is a writer turned investigator who is very interested in the affairs of Monria. He can certainly spin a yarn, and after […]


Monria VU 3.1 – His Master’s Voice Bug Fixes

We have the following fixes and adjustments in today’s patch: In-game playlist is updated with entire list of music Issue with Calypso playlist combining with Monria Playlist in DSEC Forensics resolved Internal Error when viewing pet status fixed DSEC Mining Wave now says Kill the Boss and Not ‘Yog Broodmother’ Global Threshold increased for the […]