Cthulhu MMORPG

Inspired By HP Lovecraft

The Deep Space Extraction Corporation have established a base on the planetoid, Monria. Mysteriously the planet that the moon once orbited has disappeared.  Rumours of mysterious terrors and cases of paranoia plagued the early expedition crews, who were sent by DSEC to determine the viability of establishing a mining colony. Undeterred and driven by the lucrative minerals discovered on the surface of Monria, the Deep Space Extraction Corporation founded a settlement with the promises of wealth inspiring colonists across the universe to relocate to the unique celestial body.

Explore a world of dark fantasy

As colonists continued to extract the natural resources, reports of mental disorders increased with the afflicted claiming to have been able to communicate with an entity known as Cthulhu.  The Cult of Cthulhu was established by the mentally inflicted and unstable early inhabitants.  Not much is known about the cult but they foretell a time when Cthulhu will rise and hold dominion over mankind, so they work hard to hasten the awakening in order that concepts of civility and inhibition are cast aside.


Cthulhu Cultist
Cthulhu Cultist

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Dark horrors have been revealing themselves from within the depths of Monria and only the truly determined can survive the cold and creeping dread….

Monria is a Horror MMORPG Game, inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos within a persistent universe set in the distant future, featuring:

  • An ever evolving Cthulhu Mythos based storyline
  • Cryengine2 graphics
  • Solo or co-op mode gameplay
  • Complex crafting system
  • A rewarding mining system
  • A mature in game community and own society system
  • Voice chat capabilities
  • Persistent universe and game world with access to planets with diverse storylines and themes
  • Apartments and shops
  • Complex in-game auction system
  • A real cash economy with and a unique digital currency
  • Ability to deposit or withdraw from and to real world bank accounts worldwide
  • Free to play - deposit as much or as little as you want
  • Much more

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