Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is a 3D Virtual universe linked to a Real Cash Economy, meaning that its in game currency can be exchanged for real world money (the currency has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 with the US dollar).  The in-world currency is known as PED (Project Entropia Dollars), named after Project Entropia, the original title of the Virtual Reality game started by Mindark.

Planet Calypso

Founded in 1999 Mindark is a Swedish company focussed on developing the 3D internet, a convergence of online gaming and virtual worlds.  The original Project Entropia started as an Massively Multiplayer Online Game set against a science fiction backdrop whereby mankind had advanced to the point of being able to travel through space and colonise new planets.

Planet Calypso is the original planet in Entropia Universe and initially the only virtual world that participants could access.  Space has expanded since and multiple planets have been developed though Mindark’s Partner Program, creating a diverse universe of virtual worlds interconnected through a space travel system where participants can transport people and goods through a Player Versus Player space environment.

Mothership during warp


As the universe has expanded, so have the ways in which participants can interact with each other either for pleasure or profit. Opportunities exist for people to play a game with real money, or even build a virtual business through the many opportunities that exist within Entropia Universe. Online Virtual businesses are being operated within the universe and it’s a great way to learn about business or even make enough money to support game play. Some individuals have even been able to make substantial profits through playing a game.

There are many types of businesses and not for profit associations successfully operating with the Entropia Universe, some examples include:

  • Radio stations
  • Virtual Land area management
  • Virtual shops
  • Training 

  • Medical services
  • Space transportation

  • Events

  • Trading

As in real life, not everyone can run a successful business and the majority of people spend their PED on the immersive sandbox environment.  Entropia Universe is free to play and people can deposit as much or as little as they choose but just like life the more you spend the more options are available.



If you would like to give Entropia Universe a try, download it from here