Club Sweat

Club Sweat is a vibrant and musical destination.  One of the oldest land areas on Planet Calypso, Club Sweat is a popular destination for both new players and veterans alike. Locals and tourists all rave about the ‘buzz’ or ‘vibe’ of this purple paradise.  What is it about this virtual destination that ranks it as one of the universe’s most exciting locations?

It could be the fact that Club Sweat has a day-and-night party atmosphere due to the extensive renovation of the ancient city of Shavante. Nature lovers will also enjoy watching the Longu in their natural habitat being slaughtered by the active hunters of Entropia Universe.

The Hangar

Club Sweat was formed when one of Calypso’s many derelict hangars, once used for commercial space travel, was relocated to provide much needed facilities for the inhabitants of Shavante.  ‘The Hangar’ as it came to be known by locals was converted into a night-club streaming music 24/7.  It was during the opening night that it was discovered that the unique properties of the fauna scattered throughout the land caused the music to reverberate, and rumour has it that even the mob have been known to cut a rug.

Throw some shapes at “The Hangar”

Or simply look at the wall!


Club Sweat has everything a budding Entropian could need. Inside the hangar, there are auction facilities and technicians to help repair your items or replenish your supplies.  There is even a small supply centre close to the teleporter for moments when time is of the essence. Storage facilities are located inside the hangar should you wish to store your loot or collect your favourite club wear for the night ahead.


Restock in the field

Resources for miners

Great for mining due to the passive nature of Longu, the following mining resources have been found at Club Sweat:

  • Dunkel Particle
  • Garcen Grease
  • Gold Stone
  • Growth Molecules
  • Lysterium Stone
  • Narcanisium Stone
  • Vesperdite Ore


A primitive creature, the Longu once carried the infamous A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved, a legendary gun used by only the elite hunters of the universe.  For Entropians completing their missions, the quest giver Emanuel Gonzales can be found at Shinook Jungle and rewards well for a good culling.

Big box little box….


Club Sweat has its own teleporter and can be found on the TP list of the in-world map, if you haven’t yet collected Club Sweat, you can find it at 37622 longitude and 39348 latitude.  For directions, please enquire at the hunting lodge.


The Hunting Lodge