Bitcoin mining with the Antminer U2

Bitcoin mining is not really something you do as a hobbyist to make a profit but is a great way of supporting the crypto currency movement.  My last project ended in the purchase of a fridge freezer from the proceeds, although the complexity was a lot lower a couple of years ago, so I’m expecting something much more modest this time around!

Entropia to release Stable Estates

​Entropia Universe will release a number of Stable Estates, another opportunity for participants to generate revenue for in game currency that can be converted to real cash.

Originally released in 2005, the first phase of the taming system allowed Entropians to tame mobs from the wild and have their own personal pets.  Although quite limited, there was a huge amount of enthusiasm and many people spent a lot of money in increasing their skills. Disabled in 2009 after a version update which introduced cry engine 2 and removed some professions in the process, taming is the last of the main professions to be re-introduced after a wait of 5 years.

Second Life add Oculus Rift support

​Linden Lab have added Oculus Rift support with an alternative second life viewer.  The company that launched the online virtual world Second Life (developed in 2003),  has been experimenting with the Oculus Rift for the last couple of weeks.  By using a limited beta version of the second life viewer they have been able to provide a Project Viewer that improves the experience of virtual world enthusiasts whilst benefiting from the wave of excitement about the Oculus Rift.

Calypso Land Deeds

​Calypso Land Deeds were originally released in 2011 after Mindark PE AB decided not to sell their subsidiary Planet Calypso AB after a previous sale was aborted.  Instead they decided to offer an innovative investment opportunity for the participants of Entropia Universe. The company announced that they would be introducing a groundbreaking new Citizen System that included Land Lot Deeds with an expected annual ROI of up to 30%.  A total of 60,000 Land Lot deeds were created at a cost of 1000 PED each ($100 USD) which valued the opportunity at a massive $6 million.

The Metaverse

“As Hiro approaches the Street, he sees two young couples, probably using their parents’ computers for a double date in the Metaverse, climbing down out of Port Zero, which is the local port of entry and monorail stop.~