A technology leader with over 20 years of experience delivering results. Jason is a driven individual with excellent technical, project and leadership experience who enjoys setting up development teams and delivering software. 


My interest in Virtual Worlds started with Entropia Universe, a virtual online environment with a Real Cash Economy.  I began by opening an in-world shop selling virtual goods that then expanded to become a chain of stores known as Peddlers. Operating a successful retail business gave me the confidence to grow and I diversified into transportation and land ownership. It was around this time that Virtualsense was formed. On November 26th 2015, I purchased Monria, you can find the original press release here


Monria is a virtual destination in Entropia Universe, a platform developed by Mindark.  We promote and develop Monria as a fun community for online PC Gamers. Virtualsense has been used since as a vehicle to fund my startups, invest in emerging technology and to provide consultation to tech companies. I enjoy building technical teams and leading software projects in an Agile development process. My main aim is to help the evolution of the Metaverse by encouraging and supporting its economic development. In the meantime, I contract, consult and sometimes get involved in startups.



  • Technical Leadership & Innovation
  • Tech Startups - Founder & Consultant
  • International Experience throughout Europe and the Americas
  • Agile development methodologies  and project management
  • Virtual worlds and emerging technology


  • Mobile payment software
  • Innovative cloud based project
  • NPI of Palm Pre, Palm Centro and Palm Pre+ for Europe
  • Technology startups
  • MMO community manager training
  • Monria, an online MMO with a Real Cash Economy