Virtualsense was founded in 2009 as a real business operating within a virtual world, selling virtual goods and providing services to participants across the globe. The company was initially formed as an experiment to see if it was possible to run a business from within Entropia Universe.  Virtual businesses and investments to date include:

  • A Chain of shops selling virtual Items
  • Virtual Land areas deriving passive income from the activity of participants and entertainment events
  • Planet Land Deeds - Sharing a percentage of gross revenue for a virtual planet
  • Logistics and transport business, providing transport services to participants.

In addition to these activities Virtualsense provides consultancy services to technology companies, specialising in technical leadership and agile development. Virtualsense is a technical playground, used as a vehicle to invest in emerging technologies and to create startups.


Virtualsense will support the realisation of the future internetwork of virtual worlds and environments, for generations of future users by providing products and services.  Our years of experience operating from within virtual worlds provides us with the insight to truly understand the needs of the millions of people worldwide, who lead an increasingly digital life.  The future of the online world is immersive. We will be engaging with technology in increasingly intimate ways as we build the tools to meet and eventually surpass our humanistic needs.

If you would like to find out more about our interests such as Entropia Universe, Virtual Worlds, Digital Currencies, the ‘Internet of Things’, Agile Development and pretty much anything else that seems interesting, check out our blog